Hm. I had an email from Flickr today telling me I have to merge my “old skool” Flickr account with a Yahoo account. And to switch to‘s new cool system, I have to switch to logging into that using a Google account.

I like staying logged in to Flickr and Blogger. Makes life easier.

But with these merges, that means I’ll always be logged in to Yahoo and Google, too. That means Yahoo and Google will recognise me every single time I visit another Yahoo or Google affiliated site. The amounts of data they’ll collect on me – on all of us – are gigantuan.

I’m not sure I like that.

3 thoughts on “flickr and blogger sell our surfing habits to the man?

  1. Alan

    Free is rarely really free.

    Might you monkeywrench the data by logging in and clicking a whole lot of random links that would pollute their data? Likely no impact and who has time for that?

    from another sad old skooler

  2. Martin

    Amen. I recent the merger as well. I remember being equally upset when Hotmail merged
    into MSN. Now I’m almost constantly logged in to Yahoo, Google and MSN.

  3. Anders

    Can’t you have multiple accounts? I believe I have several in both companies.

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