This evening I really want to go to Fitteprat (that means cunt talk, it’s a feminist literature reading and discussion) – my girlfriend Gro is speaking, so is my MA thesis advisor (one of them) and there are lots of other people I know there too. But I’ve already bagged my mum to babysit my daughter tomorrow – it’s the Prize Dinner – and two babysittings in a row seem a bit bad-motherly.

It just occurred to me I could bring my daughter. It’s about, um, women. But, um, I don’t think there’ll be many other nine-year-old girls there. What to do, what to do?

7 thoughts on “fitteprat

  1. Mum

    No problem – just ask!!

  2. Mum

    No problem – just ask – we had a great time!!

  3. Elin

    ….or…. just ask…. me:-)

  4. Jill

    Thanks to a wonderful mother, I got to go to this – but it was FULL! Not just standing room only, but standing room outside the bar where you can’t see anything and can only hear a little-only. Very disappointing. S. and I went and had a cup of hot chocolate instead, though, which was very nice.

    Elin and Mum: you’re both awesome 🙂 And next time I’ll ask sooner!

  5. Grogro

    Hi jill, pity you couldn’t get in. The fitteprat was
    nice,it was more about sex as in gender and less about
    sex as in bodies in movement (-making babyes). I liked
    my position as a dirty writer of pornography, but wow
    there are som many taboos in this field. A bit surprising

  6. Jill

    You got hit by taboos in a panel called cunt talk? Heh. Wish I could have heard that!

  7. Elin

    I wonder why I like that word better in English than Norwegian…

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