I like this definition of Eloise Oyzon’s: Blogs are a first person narrative in real time. and further:

The story is focused upon the protagonist, it may be extremely personal/personable or the story may be of a larger scope – ie. technological trends and innovation as they affect our hero, with occassional tangential tidbits hinting at life beyond.

2 thoughts on “first person, real time

  1. the chutry experiment

    Happy Endings and Afterimages
    I’m still thinking about issues pertaining to the temporality of blogging and had the good fortune of coming across an interesting definition via Jill’s blog: In weezBlog, Elouise Oyzon writes, Blogs are a first person narrative in real time. Can’t…

  2. WeezBlog

    It hasn’t been that long, really. I only started doing this blog thing in June. Well shy of a blogiversary. Yet, in this short time we have developed a cluster of sorts, interlinked like-minded folks with tangential arms. I can…

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