For the first time in months, all my doors and windows are wide open to tempt in the warm sunny air. Children have swarmed outdoors today, finally, after a long winter. The sun slants in across my desk and it’s still 20˚. I can hear the crowds cheering at the stadium a kilometre away, and the announcer’s voice echos from mountain to mountain. I need to pack and finish preparing my talk for tomorrow, but it’s impossible to fret or stress on such a glorious day.

Not much blogging lately. I blog more when I’m thinking and writing than when I’m organising and administrating. Tomorrow I’m going to Oslo and I don’t know whether there’ll be much blogging at all.

I wonder what the best cafÈs for working are in Oslo? Do you know?

5 thoughts on “first day of summer

  1. Eirik

    Hi Jill,

    Two of my “at work” favourites are in Vika – probably because I am criss-crossing Vika on my way to and from clients. Kaffe & Krem just below Vikaterassen and Bagel & Juice by Sjakk Matt. I would guess the best cafÈs would be bit further east, but my meandrings don’t take me there that often.

    Kaffe & Krem has both wireless and wired access points, good cortado and friendly waiters. A bit on the cold side though.


  2. Jill

    Ooh, thank you! Sounds great 🙂

    I’m very happy with the open wireless here at the University of Oslo.

  3. jill/txt » Rubber Chicken in Oslo

    […] 5/”>After one cafÈ turned out to only have a kroner a minute minimum 30 mins wireless (Eirik, the waiter didn’t know anything about the wireless so may have misinformed me), and the next, wh […]

  4. Jill

    Update: the UiO wireless is NOT open, but the media departmnet has a separate open wireless thingy, which is very sensible and friendly of them.

  5. chad

    The best Cafe I have found here in Oslo is called QBA. It’s at Olaf Ryes Plass. It’s like 2 stopd away from Hausman’s Gate. Pretty central. They have excellent coffee and food. A great environent and free wireless internet for your labtop (as long as you buy something.) They also have computers provided, which do cost though. I always go there to do my school-work.

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