Today the sun was shining so brilliantly that I scrapped the lecture plans and took my students to town to do field work instead. We collected photos of stickers, tags and street art, talked about viral marketing and art outside of galleries and then we fed our photos into Flickr, beginning to talk a bit about social networks and how people are developing more and more ways of organising the web, or of facilitating self-organisation. We’re reading Emergence and tomorrow we’ll discuss that and the sampling assignments they brought to class today.

3 thoughts on “field work

  1. elzapp

    Ahh… So that was what this was about. I saw the picture earlier today (actually I saw you upload it), but then there where no text about why you posted the picture.

  2. Timo

    Very cool, here’s a selection of the same taken from an archive of about 400 images, looking at street memes, spatial annotation etc.

  3. Jill

    Oh, lovely! Thanks, Timo!

    Other sites I like that document this kind of stuff include, a site a group of my web design students made last semester, and Husk mit navn, a Copenhagen artist’s site.

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