What would happen if I fictionalised myself? It would be an inversion of the truth debates. I could tell the truth but safely: noone would believe it because my genre would seem to be fiction. I could still be a serious academic, you know, theories are often presented in novels and even quoted by theorists.

6 thoughts on “fictionalising

  1. Rex

    plus also you get that kewl lightsaber.

  2. Susan

    this may not be the proper place to do this but ’tis all I have…

    I do hope all of you ‘over there’ in the East are doing alright with this darn blackout that hit. Being from Midwest Canada, we were not affected here at all. The temps have been very high here though. Way above normals like everywhere else. Going up to 35C(95F) today but with the humidity it will ‘feel’ like over 40C(104F). And yes.. we do, at times, get humidity here on the bald, dry prairies!
    But we DO have power.(no a/c in my tiny place though.. just fans, ice and a bzillion grasshoppers outside)

    Sending cooler air over to all you “Easterners”, whether Canadians or Americans….(loaded with grasshoppers of course.. hee hee.. all them tiny wings beating create mega fans… ROFLMAO)

    I have been following your blog for a while now, Jill. It is very refreshing! 😀

    Take care everyone!
    And look to the skies.. the grasshoppers are winging their way to ya all!

  3. Jill

    Oh, I’d forgotten about the lightsaber that comes with the fiction game! Yay!

  4. Molly

    You mean to suggest you’re not already fictitious?

    I’ll see it when I believe it…

  5. Jill

    Well, of course, I could be double-bluffing… Or have I got to triple-bluffing by now?

  6. weezBlog

    Continuing fictionalization
    This morning was devoted to backstory. Jill proposes fictionalizing herself, an interesting notion. So long as the “character” is consistent, who know the difference? Relationships, interconnections, events need not be real, but merely supported by cir…

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