Friendster‘s been gaining a lot of fictional characters lately, and of course they’re all friends and all write testimonials for each other. I’ve asked Conan the Barbarian and Hermione Granger to be my friendsters. Kind of regret I didn’t ask Snape, but enough’s enough.

[update 20/8: Danah Boyd has a far more interesting and knowledgeable analysis of “fakesters” in her Connecting Selves blog]

2 thoughts on “fictional friendsters

  1. Professor Snape

    I’m sorry you didn’t add me. But now I’m deleted, so I guess my life is meaningless again. Guess I’ll have to sit around and watch VH1 all day instead. 🙂 Oh, and do searches for myself on the internet.. how lame..

  2. Jill

    Doesn’t teaching start at Hogwarts too quite soon?

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