I would love to go to the Academic Barcamp that’s being held in Urbino in Italy the week before Festival dei blog – I’m not sure how much of it will be in English, but I’m sure some of it will be. (via Luca Rossi)

I don’t think I’ll be doing much conferencing while I have such a small baby, though. I know Lilia’s been to a conference with her baby and her husband, and it mostly worked out pretty well, but I honestly think I’d feel miserably stuck, not able to give my baby the attention she needs or focus properly on the discussions and ideas at the conference. When I try to blend work and family I usually end up miserable.

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  1. Anonymous

    Another reason internet people need to have internet conferences… yeah, I know it’s not the same thing.

    I figure I’ll give the kid a year or so and then turn presenting over to him–or at least let him answer the questions.

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