There are some great events coming up in Bergen in the next couple of weeks:

  • Oct 14-15 at Bryggens Museum: Wikipedia Academy. Jimmy Wales is speaking tomorrow morning, and many more will speak in the next couple of days (I’m squeezing in Thursday morning)
  • Oct 15, Landmark at 7 pm: Piksel Plenum – a discussion on piracy and copyright in relation to creative production and distribution.
  • Oct 20: At Sj¯fartsmusÈet. JoinGame, a national research network for studying games, is hosting a workshop focusing on ARGs and pervasive games as well as game journalism. Attendence is free (and lunch and dinner are included in that) but you have to sign up by the end of Oct 14th to get in. Anyone who’s interested is welcome.
  • Oct 21: Charles Ess is speaking from 12:15 on The Embodied Self in a Digital Age as a guest at our research group. The talk is open to all and free.
  • Oct 21: NONA’s first Bergen-based meeting is on computational journalism, with Nick Diakopoulos as the main speaker. 5 pm and onwards.
  • Oct 22: Machinima evening III at Landmark, 7 pm, hosted by Linn S¯vig and Chang Hyun Choi. This is the third of an excellent series of talks and viewings of some of the best machinima out there. I was at the first of these evenings, and loved it.

I think that’s it for the next couple of weeks – and then November 8-10 is the conference Scott is organising, The Network as a Space and Medium for Collaborative Interdisciplinary Art Practice, which I think will be very inspiring, there are some great people coming.

The only sad thing about all these exciting things happening right in my own back yard is that I’m not going to be able to attend them all – pregnant mums of very small children simply don’t have the time it would take, or at least I don’t, especially as my main pregnancy symptom (apart from a rapidly growing belly) is extreme sleepiness. Have you ever tried needing 10-11 hours sleep a day? I actually felt more rested when I had sleepless nights with a newborn than pregnant last time round. I’ll squeeze in some of these events, for sure, though!

3 thoughts on “far too many interesting bergen events for a mum to attend them all…

  1. Hattemaker

    Events in Bergen in the next two weeks! (via @jilltxt)

  2. Linn Sovig

    RT @jilltxt: Jimmy Wales and others at the Wikipedia Academy, first of many Bergen events:

  3. Linn Sovig

    @jilltxt on the exciting stuff happening in Bergen this fall. Honoured to be mentioned!

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