This fanning collection of networked art is beautiful in itself. I love running my mouse up and down the lines to watch them open and close, though I’m a little sad that this works better on a Windows machine than on a Mac, and it doesn’t work at all in Safari. It also provides a useful portal to net art, organised both by when a piece was developed and by the categories it falls into: hypertext, narrative, generative, etc etc etc. Also, each work has a short yet informative description. Artists can add more works, and I’d love to see more electronic literature in here.

The Electronic Literature Directory is another wonderful doorway to online enjoyment. You can’t fan through its categories and times, but there are so many treasures here, all neatly organised, with lots of information.

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  1. miscellany is the largest category

    Fan of Web Art
    The Whitney Museum commissioned the IDEA LINE by Martin Wattenberg” href=””>Whitney Artport IDEA LINE by Martin Wattenberg. [Java required]. While Jill notes that it is not compatible with some brows…

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