Everything was more or less gliding along in that mode of stress where there’s something to do every minute but things actually work until yesterday afternoon, when, having dinner at my mum’s house with various friends, my daughter’s dad rang to ask why she wasn’t on the doorstep in a party dress for his dad’s 60th birthday celebration. Rearrangements were made, her hair was brushed, stains declared passable, a car rerouted and they got to the birthday dinner OK but I lost it. Luckily when you’re at your mother’s house you can leave the dinner guests and go upstairs and try to sleep instead. Since then all my plans and lists have fallen apart and I’ve just been surfing mindlessly amidst open suitcases filled with too few clothes and too many things I have to return. I need to go back into minute-to-minute mode I think. Right now: brush teeth, pack toothbrush and clean undies and get on bus to the pedagogy seminar. After that I can worry about everything else.

Thanks everyone for all the congratulations! It’s been wonderful seeing all the names of people I know and people I don’t 🙂

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