screenshot of FacebookWe already knew that Facebook was growing fast, but it’s interesting to see how its growth is now primarily across new demographics, that is, the non-college student agegroups, according to Inside Facebook:

  • Visitors aged 12-17 increased 150% over the last year
  • Visitors 18-24 increased 38%
  • Visitors 25-34 increased 181% during that time – a huge number
  • Visitors 35+ increased 98%

Now Facebook already had 85% of US college students, so the potential for growth in that demographic was clearly a lot less than in other groups. But considering that a huge amont of the last months’ growth has been outside of the US, where neither college students nor anyone else was a member before September 2006, these figures suggest that Facebook’s users are becoming a lot more diverse. At least in terms of age.

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