Anita Hammer has a review of Erotogod at

Erotogod is an installation and/or performance where viewers enter through a large speculum. Reading that was enough to make me feel queasy. I suspect men’s connotations to speculums are likely rather different to womens’. Last time I was subjected to one the doctor proudly told me that is was warmed to body temperature, in a special new cabinet they’d been dying to buy for years, and now they had it, wasn’t that wonderful? I appreciated the thought, but warm or not, the whole speculum thing is never going to be a good experience. Once through the speculum (in the installation not the doctor’s office), you don a body suit with sensors on strategic parts of your body (chest, groin, wrists, thighs, stomach) and interact with the ritualistic surroundings by caressing yourself. Anita is an expert on rituals, and Erotogod uses rituals heavily, so she has interesting points to make here – she’s not entirely convinced.

The review’s in Norwegian, but the images will be understood by all. StÂle Stenslie’s website about the project is in English. And if you want to experience it yourself, hurry: today’s the last day it’s showing – at Atelier Nord in Oslo.

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