I’d never heard of The Encyclopedia of New Media, edited by Steve Jones and published by Sage Publications in 2002, but hey, it has definitions of both avatar (by Lori Kendall) and blog (by Mark Andrejevic) and I pretty much approve of both. Mind you, I don’t quite see how blogs are procedural in Murray’s sense. I’m glad to find that I don’t think knowing about this definition would have changed the definition I wrote for the Routledge Encyclopedia of Narrative.

At US$125 this is definitely a book to ask your library to buy, but well, you know, Amazon’s full text search capabilities really are very well-suited for looking up 1-2 page definitions in encyclopedias.

No libraries in Norway own it. Yet.

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  1. Alex

    Ah, yes, a bit spendy, though the articles on Codec, Convergence, DeCSS, Distributed Computing, Alan Kay, Metrics, Hans Moravec, Patent, Robotics, Ivan Sutherland, and Xerox PARC alone are worth the cost of the volume ;).

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