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  1. Liz Lawley

    I had assumed it was, but decided to do a little sleuthing after I saw your post.

    The “elitedesigners.org” domain name was registered by the Danish firm Robert/Boisen + Likeminded, which appears to count Ikea among its customers. So I’d say yes.

  2. Jill

    Thanks, Liz! They list some of their other sites for IKEA, including ikea-fans.dk, which is a deliberately-terribly designed “fan club site”, complete with an un-anti-aliased spinning logo. You might think the fan club was real if you hadn’t followed the link from the ad agency. Though the member hints and the idea that a fan club would really make a television commercial are a little over the top. I haven’t seen any of these ads on TV or in print – are they actually everywhere? I’m pretty good at ignoring ads. Oh Ikea!, on the other hand, appears to be a real fan site.

  3. mcb

    I’d say it’s an ikea ad campaign.

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