So I found myself laughing at this ebay listing I came across the other day. This guy was selling his ex-wife’s wedding dress, and had not only vividly recounted his tale of humourous divorced hardship, he’d taken photos of himself in the dress, and was asking no more than the price of a ballgame and a few beers in exchange for the gown. He got $3900 for it, and according to his own updates to the listing, several marriage proposals. But it turns out the story was made up. Trying to get your novel published is no longer the most obvious source of revenue for a story-teller, if it ever was.

The downside? If your story sells well, journalists will dig up stuff to make you look bad.

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  1. waldheim

    More things to read
    Via Josh, an AP article (here off the LA Times website): “The head of a U.S.-funded Iraqi newspaper quit and said Monday that…

  2. Becky

    LOL – I saw that – THEN saw this car listing today, we were all in stiches: quick! This is the funniest ebay listing and POSSIBLY the worst attempt at selling a car I have ever seen!

  3. Anonymous

    i once brought a girafe egg

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