5 thoughts on “e-lit in Bergens Tidende

  1. Elin

    Iiik. I actually didn’t think it was that great. Perhaps I was expecting a newer or fresher angle or something.

  2. Jill

    Well, I was pleased – it’s great having a piece on electronic literature in mainstream media 🙂

  3. Elin

    That’s true:-)

  4. linda mcCutcheon

    I wonder if some one there can help me. I would like imfo on your immagration laws, I can’t seem to get them. can you help? thanks

  5. Jill

    My impression, and I might be wrong: If you’re from Europe you can pretty much just move here. Otherwise, you need a job here before you come, or a family member or partner here or a student visa. If you have none of those I doubt you’ll get a residency permit.

    Here’s complete info.

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