Friday night was the second night of the digital art and electronic literature speaker series at Stockton. There was a good turnout, despite the rain, and it’s great getting to hang out with a large procentage of Grandtextauto again. I really enjoyed seeing demos of Nick‘s current work-in-progress, an interactive fiction called Book and Volume, which he showed us interspersed with examples from classic works of interactive fiction, explaining how he’s developing aspects from them in his own work.

Noah talked about the history of hypertext, culminating in a demo of Regime Change and Newsreader, two fascinating projects he’s just completed, with collaborators, which use news reports on Iraq and transform them, mixing them with other texts according to rules and the choices of the reader. It was fascinating, too, chatting with Damon Smith, a local hypertext author, and William Wend, a very enthusiastic student of hypertext.

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