IT Conversations looks like a nice alternative to radio: download interviews with people talking about blogging and the web and listen to them on your iPod. Jorunn recommends Halley Suitt’s interview with David Weinberger, while noting how unfamiliar his voice was to her, despite having read his blog for years (and she’s even translated one of his books to Norwegian).

I couldn’t help noticing that Halley seems to be the only woman on the site. Oh, Mena Trott‘s in a joint interview with her husband, which is good, but infuriating (women are palatable if they come with a man?) Apart from that, the only interviewees are men. Of course, it’s billed as a one-person labour of love, and obviously an individual is free to interview whoever he or she pleases, but I’m so tired of the invisibility of women

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  1. Annelogue

    Thank you for bringing this great site to my attention! Yeah…I agree…I’m tired of women being invisible, so I tried something. I wrote an email to IT Conversations asking if they could do more interviews with women in the IT industry. Here is the response I got:

    “Hi, Anne. You’re right, and I get other comments along the same lines. I’m hoping that producing Halley Suitt’s show will bring in more of a woman’s perspective, but to date all of her interviews have been with men. Meg and Caterina are both good suggestions.

    Yeah…from now on I’m just going to ask for what I want. Then I might get it. I’m going to ask to hear more female voices.

  2. Jill

    Good on you, Annelogue!

  3. Annelogue

    Gosh, it does help to ask!!! IT Conversations: Meg Hourihan – Memory Lane.

  4. Jill

    Excellent! Thanks!

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