My department needs to hire a person to teach a course on web programming for the autumn semester (July 1 – December 31, 2005). It’s a fulltime, six-month position as an associate professor (f¯rstelektor), with a minimum of 25% research (of your choice), and that single course to teach – about six hours contact time a week for 12-15 weeks of the semester plus some advising. The rest of your time is yours, for your own research. Last year the course had 17 students, and we’re expecting about the same next semester. Since it’s a research position, we really want someone with a PhD, but might consider someone who’s close to completing a PhD.

The course to be taught involves XML and PHP, and it’s a really a humanities computing kind of course, though a computer scientist might also be a good match for the job. The major compulsory activity last year was building a web application to query an XML-tagged text by Shakespeare. So far the course has been largely practical, but we’ve considered making it more theoretical, and are interested in ideas for developing the material. You’d need to teach in a Scandinavian language or in English. And move to Bergen, Norway for a semester, if you don’t already live here.

If you’d be interested, write me an email at and I’ll answer any questions and/or let you know when the job’s properly advertised. Please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested!

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  1. Yusuf

    A six month stint. Could be interesting. How much did you say it paid 😉

    17 students. Ah, what a luxury. My largest class had 700. I am teaching “game design” and “game programming” to 30 students these days which works nicely.

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