Find a Windows computer. Open Explorer and go to Matt’s site. Click on a permalink so you’re at an individual entry – there, did you get the groovy transition thing? Now click “main” so you go back to the front page again – groovy, huh? It’s a real dissolve!

Explorer on a Mac translates this transition into an ugly white screen that lasts till the new page is fully loaded, and Safari doesn’t do a thing. And my blog looks horrible on Windows computers. I know. I need to do something about it. PCs are so ugly.

10 thoughts on “dissolve

  1. christian

    Pc’s are ugly……. Can’t say I agree with u. I don’t trust computers with only one mousebutton.

  2. Robert Myall

    Jill/txt looks ugly? Must depend on the pc. I check the site from both pc and mac. Always looks exactly the same to me.

    I’m not a big fan of those dissolves at all, at least not on a computer. I got over whacky transitions before I ever used them. Whacky transitions are to video editors what goto is to a programmer.

  3. Matt Kirschenbaum

    Jill, thanks for noticing 😉

    Robert, there are days when I come very close to nixing that dissolve/transition myself, but thus far I’ve hung onto it, for reasons I can’t quite explain, but which have something to do with intervening in the relentless click-through cadences of the Web, the next next next of lives lived by links–the dissolve slows it all down, adds friction, adds resistance in those heated wires–or something like that, anyway . . .

  4. JIll

    I like the slowing down, the emphasis on the move or on the link – though I suspect it might get really old if it were more common. Or perhaps not. It doesn’t appear to be any slower than a regular link?

  5. i1277

    Expect a dialup revival anytime soon, to go with the new “slowweb” trend…

    (Christian: Right on, how do they cope with one mousebutton? Maybe related to masochism of some sort.)

  6. Lisa

    Two mouse buttons is excessive when one works fine.

    –MACevellian to the core : )

  7. ABliss

    My pc is not ugly, nor is your blog and there are many different os, browsers and screen resolutions so you pages will look different depending on computer specs regardless.

  8. JIll

    One mousebutton? Well, mostly you only want one anyway, and when you want to get contextmenus and stuff you just control-click. Or option-click if you want other stuff. Even shift-option click sometimes.

    Let me rephrase the PCs are ugly thing, which is obviously volatile enough to start a war (and I really don’t want that): Personally, I find Macs more attractive than PCs. Hardware, interface and font smoothing. OK?

  9. Anonymous

    Heard of USB? Get a five button mouse for your Mac (the one that you don’t have), if you think you need it…

  10. Metablog..

    Jeg la inn transitions p siden min for en stund siden, men fjernet dem igjen l¯rdag da jeg var blitt

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