USB locket from portableink.comSee, to give your presentation you’d just unhook your locket and slip it into a USB port – your slides would be right there. To show a friend photos of your daughter or your lover or your holidays, the same. I think I’d like a tiny speaker in the locket, too, for tiny messages just for the bearer, the kind of messages you might like to hear many times as you open a locket to look at the photos again and again.

The lockets are made by Emily Conrad, whose website is

4 thoughts on “digital locket

  1. Matt

    nerd spelling angst strikes me again: presumably Emily means Mega Bytes not milli-bits.

  2. Elin

    clever! Remember the little, golden heart jewelery we kept pictures inside?

  3. Jill

    Ugh – mb is not the same as MB, huh?

    I’m a little distressed that the whole website is a single IMAGE instead of images and HTML, but OK.

    The lockets are still cool!

  4. Jill

    Yes: the handcrafted with the digital is exactly what appeals to me. I’ve seen cufflinks carefully made of old computer keys, but I don’t think I’ve seen something clearly meant for an individual (rather than being art, not for sale) that really combines digital joys with the joys of the handmade.

    Case mods aren’t new of course – building new cases for your computer. Still, the smallness of digital jewellery really appeals to me.

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