Lisbeth wants to be Swedish, and Meredith wants to be a New Zealander. I’m feeling Norwegian this week, despite my Australian passport. It’s quite amusing watching our previously so ambivalent on-the-fence Prime Minister Bondevik looking decisive, strong and relieved all at the same time now that we’re not in the war and the Prime Minister realises that 78% of the population supports this.

2 thoughts on “denouncing one’s country

  1. Henning

    He looks very, very relieved. He just can’t hide it, can he? A difficult situation turned out to the best for him. Now that US, GB and Australia decided not to pursue the “UN track” further, he can do the “good humanitarian christian” act… He is a populist through and through.

  2. Cassandra

    Still, that’s much better than a quisling, isn’t it?

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