Martin Gr¸ner Larsen is a Dane who’s lived in Bergen for 17 years, and who’s currently working on an MA thesis in comparative literature about blogs as a form of essayistic literature. At least he was last time I spoke with him.

Point is, he went to Copenhagen a few days ago and his blog posts are excellent: about describing the sad ambivalence of discovering Denmark isn’t “home” or about the demonstrations and counter-demonstrations. (Martin often writes in English, but these posts are in Norwegian frequently slipping to Danish.)

2 thoughts on “denmark

  1. S¯ren Pold

    Scary stuff. Imagine living here…

  2. Mikkel Gr¸ner

    Hello there, gorgeous.

    It’s a tragedy. I’ve been back and forth for a few years, and when I’ve told my family about it, what it’s turned into down there, I don’t think they’ve ever quite believed me. I’m a little sad he had to see it with his own three eyes, but on the other hand, well you know.

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