From the hall to the living room I’m renovating. The builders came today and started tearing down the walls. Actually it takes a while to literally tear walls down. First you have to tear down the doors, the door frames, the kitchen cupboards, the cords and the skirting boards. Visiting your home and seeing bare timber walls with newspaper from the 40s pasted over the wood is rather interesting.

2 thoughts on “demolish

  1. Matthew

    Ah, this looks familiar. We redid the kitchen last year, but redoing the entire home is a tad more complicated. Is this the extreme makeover – home edition? Are you having each and every wall torn down? Are you going for the modern, big space – no walls kind of look or are you just moving the walls around?

  2. Jose Angel

    Don’t you tear it off! It’s a palimpsest. Just think – the people in the news didn’t think they would end up in a news item which would be printed and then pasted on a wall and covered over and then uncovered photographed and blogged the world over … let it roll on!

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