5 thoughts on “demo

  1. Henning

    Go out and tell it to the peopleÖ.
    Have a nice stay, itís a beautiful city.
    I hope you will be back tomorrow for our coffee-chat.

  2. Jill

    Oh, I’m back already, Henning, and looking forward to another chat about blogs 🙂 Didn’t see much of Trondheim, though…

  3. Jorg R¯dsj¯

    Great leacture on blogs. Inspiering enough to make me want to give it a try. To make it more technical, and to show that one can both read slashdot and blog, without it becoming purely mental masturbation.

    Is movabletype the way to go, or are there other sweet blog programs out there?


  4. Jill

    Great to hear you were inspired, Jorg! My favourite’s MoveableType, but there are others – blogger.com is a very easy way to get started, but I think that you’ve got MoveableType already installed up in Trondheim, no? Otherwise you’ll have to install it on your server, whereas blogger.com etc. don’t require installation.

  5. Roger

    Very nice lecture. Still preparing to install Moveable Type on my linux box, but there is a lot to install prior to setting it up. Such as perl and MySQL. However, it’s a learning curve. 🙂

    Hopefully the people at AVS220 can benefit from my trials and errors in the future.

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