8 thoughts on “decluttering work

  1. Elin

    You just wait and see… soon you’ll be busy keeping your mailbox clean too!
    I’ve been on that list for months, but all the e-mails are so overwhelming that I can’t get started. Lots of cutsie “look I’m flying” testimonals too – or “hubbie did dishes” etc etc – it can get crazy!
    I think this list is made for staying home mums (kan du tenke deg noen i Norge som kaller seg hjemskapere!) so it can be really difficult to follow if you have other things pending during your day. But I’m still on the list, still hoping it might just work one day!

  2. diane

    Bravo, Jill! I unsubbed right before Jane was born & am working up the nerve to re-sub. I do miss the little notes all day long…

  3. Jill

    Ah, you just need routines for the emails! I have all the REMINDERS autodeleted, and the TESTIMONIALS go into a box of maybe I’ll read some one day. I like the missions and the essay or two a day from Flylady herself, so I let them into my inbox. Everything’s clearly labelled so it’s easy to filter stuff out…

    And yes, I missed the little notes. I like Flylady… And now my desk’s tidy, too! Yay!

  4. Jorunn

    Jill, that is really smart, thanks for the tip! I actually like some of the reminders (but not the ridiculous “where are your shoes?” as if I would actually be wearing shoes around the house, must be a cultural thing), but from now on I will make sure the testimonials and shoe reminders go straight to the trash can. And I love Opera’s e-mail client for autodetecting mailing lists. Makes it oh so easy to delete all the messages I just ignore. Then again, maybe that’s why my desk isn’t really all that tidy yet 😉

  5. Elin

    oh no! Jill – you sound like a Fly Baby!


    I too find the shoes e-mail slightly ridiculous – imagine how much less cleaning you’d do if you didn’t wear your shoes inside…. it is definitely a cultural thing:-)

  6. Jill

    OMG, you’re right, Elin, I sound like a FlyBaby with my routines for organising email… Eek! But hey, it works! And the shoes? Well, absolutely. A bloke I met last night was telling me about the conflicts in the flat he shared with an Indian and a Spaniard last year. Apparently India is one of the few countries in the world, apart from Norway, where you take your shoes off when you enter a home. (Japan, Korea and other Scandinavian countries also do the shoes off thing, I don’t know about others?) So the Norwegian and the Indian got on wonderfully, and hated the Spaniard, who constantly dirtied their clean floors!

  7. diane

    The shoes come off in Germany too, and in my house when I can enforce the policy, which is not very often. Maybe when JJ starts crawling… Taking them off saves wear and tear on the floor, too, cuz the street grit doesn’t get ground into the finish.

    I can’t believe I just wrote that… slowly but surely, I am becoming my mother.

    Take care, y’all & have a good time at HT03. Wish I were going but school’s starting soon & I have to save my $$$. 🙁

  8. Jill

    Ah, I’m not getting to HT03 either, I used up my conference funding going to DAC, mores the pity. Next year, perhaps…

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