My green 1999 iMac’s been gathering dust for over four years. I should have sold it long ago. Now it no longer starts when I hit the power button. Maybe it’s the PRAM battery. Frankly, I don’t really care. Should I take it to the dump (to have all its environmentally-unfriendly bits carefully removed) or do you think anyone would actually have use for it? From browsing support groups it looks like to fix it might simply require a new battery, but it might also involve rather a lot of taking apart CRT screens that can kill you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Actually I think the shop where I bought it is required by law to take it back and dispose of it in a sensible way. That’d be better than having to pay lots at the dump. A little like taking a pet back to the petstore. Oh dear.

[Update: Problem solved. Dad’s taking it to the dump for me and keeping the harddrive and RAM, which will come in handy. Lovely. So nice to wave goodbye to it!]

6 thoughts on “dead imac

  1. Jessica

    That’s too bad you had to get rid of your iMac. I have a 1999 Graphite special edition one that still runs well. The hard drive died about a year ago and I replaced it with a 60GB one. It runs Panther and other apps just fine.

    Now that you’ve got rid of it are you going to get a new computer?

  2. sauseschritt

    same model, same date I bought, only in Vienna. and it totally fell apart” in october. I am still undecisive what to buy next: any plans from your side?

  3. Jill

    I’ve already ordered a G5 imac! It’s a through-work leasing deal where I get to take the monthly lease off my pay-check before tax, sxo it wokrs out pretty cheap.

    Interesting to know they seem to have similar death dates. Sad…

  4. Elin

    make it into an aquarium! There is a website for it somewhere…

  5. jean

    I’ve always thought that, properly stripped, they would make fabulous fish tanks…

  6. Jill

    Here’s a Wired article about the iMac aquariums… and it’d be cool, but… nah…

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