Claus sent email suggesting we google cross-disciplinary international network for convergence, synergy and innovation if we’re tired of buzzwords and research applications. Well, first try the Norwegian version. Yep, the Norwegian research council’s the number one hit, followed by a number of hard-working copycats wanting funding. The English version is more interesting – notice the top hits are all European.

I suppose it’s just whatever the EU research funding happens to be asking for. What are funders on other continents into, though? I mean, how could you not want “cross-disciplinary international networks for convergence, synergy and innovation”?


2 thoughts on “cross-disciplinary international network for convergence, synergy and innovation

  1. david

    Have you read Connie Willis’ book Bellwether? It is set on a research campus. During the time the story takes place the biggest project they are working on is a statistical analysis of all the projects that had previously won some grant. The results of which they hope to use to get themselves the same grant.

  2. Jill

    Might pick that one up 🙂

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