5 thoughts on “course syllabus

  1. William Wend


    I noticed on the semester plan that you need a card to access the computer labs at your school? Wow, that is much more secure than any I’ve seen here. I wish we had that kind of security here.

  2. Jill

    Our campus is in the city, so we definitely need keycards…

  3. Marina

    Oh Jill…You know I would LOVE your course..unfortunately Italy is too far for coming to Bergen every week..but you’ll have a blog,won’t you? I’ll follow it step by step ,

  4. Jill

    Marina, what are you doing so far away from Bergen! Really!!!


    Unfortunately there isn’t a blog for the course… I mean, yes, it’d be cool, but while I sort of blog at th esame time as I think, I can’t really ask other lecturers to blog, or at least, I could, but I’d have to pay em extra… So it’s a f2f course.

  5. Marina

    So, I definetely have to come…;-)

    Anyway, I would be really happy if you should give me a little bit more detailed schedule of the lectures with at least the material that I can find in Internet…of course I know that you’re really busy, so I won’t mind if you can’t…

    Good luck with the course!

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