Danah Boyd is doing a PhD on Friendster (or more generally on online communities, social networks and identity management) and so, obviously, has a blog tracking the whole phenomenon: Connected Selves. Did you know you can buy a new Friendster network on ebay, if you’re feeling friendless? (via Many-to-many: Social software)

3 thoughts on “connected selves

  1. Rorschach

    In case you didn’t notice, the networks sold (prostituted?) for $4 and $12.02 respectively. I guess being their friend(ster) wasn’t worth what they thought it was …

    Pretty funny actually. heh. $4.

  2. Jill

    Ah… I’m glad I didn’t try to sell my network… Thanks Rorschack, I hadn’t noticed…

  3. thomas n. burg | randg‰nge

    PhD on online social networks
    connected selves .

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