I have a zillion things to do and was thinking of just being polite and popping by the dSpace conference I’m speaking at this morning, scooting back to the office, coming down again to do my talk and then going back to administrivia and writing

But this morning I felt like wearing my “I’m blogging this” t-shirt, and when I came in I found myself next to an American named Matt, who directs the (or a….not quite sure here…) Technology Unit at NYU and speaks Swedish and who (most importantly) was typing away into a wiki. The room was full of people, many with laptops, I had a name tag and a cup of coffee and wireless access. The conference booklet is amazing – it describes a dozen favourite pubs and even lists a vegan cafÈ I didn’t know about. There’s an invitation to a reception hosted by the city in the conference pack. Maybe I’ll go…

I’m also attending the Technology, Colleges and Community Worldwide Online Conference right now. That’s the Hawaiian conference that’s all online, and there are over 500 attendees!

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  1. Matt

    Hey, I made it on to your blog. How cool!

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