Comfort I don’t think this word was there the day before yesterday – or if it was, I must have walked past so preoccupied I didn’t see it. Yesterday evening it shone in reflections of yellow street lights.

Tr??st means comfort and it’s written under Nyg?•rdsbro, the bridge between the city and Danmarksplass. I love a city that lives and sprouts words and ideas and thoughts.

Would you feel comforted?

3 thoughts on “comfort

  1. gro

    Hi Jill, I saw it too this morning, on my way to the office
    And no, it wasn´t there yesterday. Somebody comforts us,
    probably an early arrived christmas-angel. Who can write.

  2. Jill

    Gro! You read my blog! And saw the word!!


  3. gro

    jepp, I read your blog almost every day. Keep up the good

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