So have you looked at those slideshows of photos tagged with the same word at Flickr? I just gave a talk at the art academy, and while they were interested in lots of the distributed narrative projects I showed them, and took notes and everything, I think one of the best aha moments was when I showed them the slideshow of photos tagged with “vote”. That’s new, guys, we couldn’t do that a few years back. Not on that scale and with no planning – unless you think of the system as planning. I think Flickr’s better described as a fertile system than a planned one. Aggregated photos from everyone on the same them is awesomely cool as a concept. And fascinating to watch. So if you haven’t surfed tags yet, try it. The Flickr blog has lots of cool examples of interesting tags.

2 thoughts on “collecting photos

  1. Anonymous

    HA! Canadians are Canadians, and Americans are Americans. Very different, indeed!!!!!!!

  2. Robert

    It would be interesting to combine the Flickr tags with Creative Commons licenses, so that people could upload photos, tag them with, for example, a …

    Scrap that. They’ve already done it. Cool.

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