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  1. Francois Lachance

    What a joy to see and read images about the care of the self (and a validation of the close up).

    Jill with scarves, Toril with footware.
    And Elouise with fantastic inspiring typos which give us Fragment Nation… http://weez.oyzon.com/archives/000231.html#468
    where there is a pointer to another illustrated entry on fragments of the body and care of the self, see
    Torill’s meditation on the sensible and sensual in footware and the wear and tear of becoming/being an academic.

  2. Norman

    I took a friend on a long rainforest walk today. It’s a trail through magnificent stretches of temperate palms, giant eucalypts, pines and various ferns, vines and other plants. I hadn’t been there for a while, and in the meantime someone has come up with the bright idea of turning it into a road, while ensuring no vehicles can use it.
    The devestation along the route is appalling. Where once there was a solid two log bridge over a creek, they’re building a substantial bridge, which will incorporate barriers to prevent motor cyclists using it. Don’t worry about the fact that previously motor cyclists wouldn’t be there. Don’t worry about the creek being choked now with soil, Don’t even worry about the fact that most ‘tourists’ won’t use it anyway, as it involves walking.
    Today I saw barely any animal life. It’s the only spot on the Central Coast where I could see the extremelt shy lyre birds on a regular basis. I’ll probably not be seeing them or most of the other fauna either from now on. I’m not into photography, but I sometimes fear that photographs will be all that’s left before long.

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