OMG. I got a link from Wired! What a claim to fame! It’s from another story on Salam Pax that discusses how the immense load on Salam Pax’s blog from Baghdad is creating problems for the server where he keeps images and such, and in the tail end it discusses the authenticity question, which is where the link to my post on that sneaks in. I’m linked from the word “believe”. Salam‘s last post, btw, was on Monday.

Strangely my stats show no record of anyone clicking through from Wired, and I hadn’t read the story, so it was Chuck’s comment alerted me to it. Thanks 🙂

Oh, I know. I don’t have the code to track visitors in the individual entries, only on the front page! So of course my stats don’t show people going straight to an individual entry. How silly of me!

4 thoughts on “claim to fame

  1. charlie

    congrats on the link!

  2. chuck tryon

    Indeed. Congrats on the link–glad I could point it out!

  3. meredith

    Excellent work. It’s an interesting discussion.

  4. Jill

    Thanks 🙂

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