This looks like utter fun: a 15 hour circuitbending workshop where the goal is to, well, break electronic toys in ways that produce fabulous sounds. I wish I could go, but fifteen hours, a week of afternoons, is far too much. Which is tragic and I now know exactly what Espen and others meant when they told me I would miss my PhD student days.

Of course I like having more money and respect and power and all that. (The power comes with severe limitations, unfortunately.) But I’d love to spend a week circuitbending.

Maybe you can, though? I mean, it’s free!

2 thoughts on “circuitbending workshop

  1. Bru

    It’s nice to see people considering fun vs. power 🙂
    You’re one and only 😉

  2. fivecats

    On a completely separate subject, the 2005 “Bloggies” [web log] Awards Nominees have been posted.

    Thought you might be interested.

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