5 thoughts on “chocolate

  1. Liz

    Ha! That sounds *very* familiar.

  2. Lisa Firke

    Very familiar indeed.

    A later development is that you buy food only to discover the next day that someone (could it be the teenaged boy in the house?) has eaten it all after you went to bed.

  3. Jill

    Oh no! You mean they get their revenge! Scary thought…

  4. Norman

    Find the darkest non-sweetned chocalate you can, and tell your daughter it’s an anti-oxidant [which chocolate is] that some older people eat. Provided she doesn’t like it, you then keep that wrapper, and insert other chocolate into it when you’re having an illegal mid-week nibble of a night.
    It’s an old plan, but it might just work.
    Alternatively, you could just be more surreptitious about how you eat it.

  5. Jill

    Brilliant! I’m going to implement this plan instantly! Well, next week, my daughter’s at her dad’s this week, so I can eat all the chocolate I like!

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