From drawings of subway maps across the world all done to the same scale that Caterina linked (a mile = 2 pixels, something about that is wonderful) I came to Chicago mile x mile, photos of intersections in a grid, a photo for every mile, all the intersections looking arbitrarily similarly different. I particularly like the runtogether narrative of the streets of the city in the right hand column of the project description, which can be read with the photos as a key to the map. Neil Freeman did them both. And more.

3 thoughts on “chicago mile x mile

  1. scott

    Cool project, although it misses a lot. I mean, where’s Division Street? For crying out loud.

    A lot of the most interesting places are stuck inbetween.

    I’ll show you.

  2. tok

    Very interesting! I might consider to suggest adaption of the subway in Oslo and Copenhagen. They will not appear large in comparison, I’m afraid. About the pictures of intersections in Chicago: I remembered something about a site, covering all roads in Denmark, photographed for each 100 m! And I even found the link:
    I can’t use it right now (I’m at work – shame on me: reading blogs while at work?!) since I don’t have administration rights on this PC. But I will try it from home…

  3. Ben

    Following a similar idea, here is a link of pics of Montreal’s Metro stations on the metro map.

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