I was up till one Thursday redoing my talk, so deep into work I had to force myself to bed. I did the distributed narratives from a new angle and it changed completely, fascinating how a different framework opens different questions. Friday was wonderful, especially meeting Marika, getting really useful feedback from the Intermedia crowd and hours of discussing research and chatting and gossiping with Anders. He gave me some ideas I’m going to work more on.

And yes, of course I’m going to write about the research ideas here but not right now because my niece and nephew are nearby and it’s months since I saw them!

Breakfast at Hotel Stefan
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3 thoughts on “light

  1. Lilia

    Jill, very curious to see this “new angle”. Do you have something to share or shall I wait patiently? 🙂

  2. Jill

    Lilia, thanks for the question – it got me to write in quick notes to my powerpoint presentation and export it to HTML. It’s taking forever to upload and I have to run but I’ll leave the computer on, uploading, and it’ll be available eventually in my txts collection. The Powerpoint save to web thing’s pretty clunky and ugly but at least the content’s there.

    I’ll write an actual blog post about it later, and yes, I’m going to write this and other things up properly… Thanks for getting me inspired to at least do this!

  3. Marika

    Your last slide ended “to be continued”, didn’t it? I’m anxiously waiting for the next episode of Foucault on viral/distributed stories. Come back to Oslo soon! Foucault is amazingly apt for understanding different aspects of digital media.

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