The next iteration of the Digital Arts and Culture conference series is in Perth!! My family’s from Perth – it’s got to be one of the most beautiful and friendly cities on Earth, and of course I can say that with absolute objectivity. Sure, it’s kind of a long way from anywhere (4000 km from Sydney and Melbourne, 5-6 hours flight to Singapore, 28 hours from Bergen, even more hours from New York) but when you get there, oh. The weather is welcoming, there are beaches all along the coast, accessible from any suburb, there are hills and vinyards and bus drivers crack jokes and call you love and the food is fresh, the cuisine delicious (imagine a country with vegetables, meat and seafood always in season, have Italians and Greeks move there in droves then realise it’s close to Asia and you can see how the food might go) and the wine plentiful.

The Digital Arts and Culture conferences are another kind of home to me.

So yes, obviously I’m going to DAC 2007 in Perth. The CFP is out: abstracts are due by August 14.

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  1. […] Via Jill Walker, I’ve learned that the CFP for the seventh annual International Digital Arts and Culture Conference is out. It sounds like a great conference that will be an interesting mix of digital stuff; among other things, the call says: Topics of interests may include, but are not limited to, computer games, hypertext theory and literature, new media narrative, streaming media, interactive and networked performance, digital aesthetics, interactive cinema, theory, art, bio-art, nano-art, augmented reality, cyberculture, electronic fiction, electronic music, electronic art, games culture, games system design, games theory, interactive architecture, cinema and video, MOOs, MUDs, RPG, virtual reality, virtual worlds. […]

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