bokstavlek.jpgPoetikon is a Norwegian poetry site, edited by Morten Skogly. Most of the poems are short traditional pieces contributed by users, but there are some poems, I believe mostly by Skogly, that use the medium for more than simple publication. Bokstavlek is one of these, a textual instrument for the user to play with, creating her or his own words. Pull letters down to become birds sitting on the wire. As a small black dot runs along the wire the letters are sounded out as the birds fly away clutching their letters. They return quite soon, creating a charming fancy of a poem or phrase in motion. To play with Bokstavlek (which means letter-play) go to Poetikon and pull down the menu till you get to the Flash works at the bottom.

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  1. jill/txt » elitteraturfest

    […] different altogether and yet also bound to this new medium. I love Morten Skogly’s Bokstavlek, and I love Anne Bang-Steinsvik’s, and they’ve both written oth […]

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