Right, I’m going to BlogTalk in Vienna in a couple of weeks time. I’ve been dithering about registering and getting the plane ticket and all the rest of it, but now I’ve done it (nothing like having a deadline to make me get to small practical tasks) and I’m going. It’ll be my first time – I didn’t go to the previous Blogtalks, but I figure writing a book on blogging means I should keep up with the field!

Anyone else? Are there any other obvious blogging conferences I should be trying to get to?

4 thoughts on “blogtalk

  1. Adolfo Estalella

    He will be there too, Jill. I will be nice to meet and share experiences. I am right now doing my PhD in blog. My research is based in an ethnography ‘among’ blogs. Anyway, I hope we will have time to speak.

  2. Adolfo Estalella

    Sorry, I meant, I will be there too.

  3. JoseAngel

    Well… I’m sure they’ll try to keep up with you, so keep up with yourself. Isn’t a blog a kind of ongoing conference anyway? (the corridors of the conference, anyway, which is the interesting part).

  4. Andreas Haugstrup

    Us videoblogging-types will be meeting at VlogEurope. You can read more at http://www.vlogeurope.com

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