The Association of Internet Researchers conference is on, in Toronto. Liz just gave her talk on blogs this morning, Thomas Burg liked it, and Liz (in iChat while listening to presentations) sends me the URL to a site that collects blog posts from conference attendees on the fly.

It’d be great to be there. For instance, in a presentation on hacking women just over, films with women geeks were discussed. Liz reports

In both of these narratives, mothers are physically present but mentally incompetent (comatose, etc). What message does this sound? Women can go into the technical domain when they are freed from family demandsóbut they can only reclaim their femininity by ìrescuingî their mothers, and taking on the caretaker role.

I’ll have to make a film about being a computer-crazed mother. Liz can star, with a site named Mamamusings she’s a clear protagonist.

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  1. chuck

    I know one of these films is “The Net,” starring Sandra Bullock. Does anybody know the other film?

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