Bloggere p forsiden av DagbladetGood heavens. That case about Apple suing the bloggers (or well, actually, are they bloggers? Isn’t it an online zine?) is the top story in Dagbladet right now.

That’s kind of weird. Not that it’s old news, but that it’s top story. Maybe they figure the only people reading the online version of a tabloid after midnight are, well, bloggers or geeks, so better please em.

2 thoughts on “bloggers take over media

  1. HÂkon

    I like the “news for nerds after midnight” theory. I’ve noticed some front pages that would suggest there may be a policy of that kind at work, but the reason may also be that a certain type of people frequently gets the late night slot as editor of the online edition.

  2. Jamie

    Everything I’ve heard about the story (and its been in the news one way or another for at least 3 weeks) has been about the special status that journalists accord themselves and want everyone else recognize — as though they really are special — like soldiers, firefighters, librarians, nad (in some cases) priests. The spin I’ve been reading and hearing has been all about confidential sources and a special place for bloggers in the US Congress press gallery (there is already a blogger in teh Whitehouse daily briefings).

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