In today’s Digital Culture class we chatted with Eliza, the famous computer psychologist, and it seems one of the students has whipped up a blog-reading version of this famous bot, because she commented on my last post, from a UiB arts faculty IP-number, too 😉 What a joy such a program would be, eh? A free-range Eliza crawling the web of blogs and automatically commenting every post in true Eliza style: “Why do you say that?” and “How do you feel about your mother?” in every comments field for miles around.

Perhaps not.

2 thoughts on “blog-reading Eliza

  1. Jorunn

    Well it *might* be fun – for a short while. A sort of Turing Troll…

  2. Jill

    Yes, amazing potential for annoyance here, of course… perhaps it should be a short-term art event rather than a fixture… Or bloggers could elect certain posts to be open to Elizaing.

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