I’ve already forgotten how I found Bitch PhD, but I love it. It’s written by an anonymous university professor who writes about not having read the reading she assigned her grad students, about taking her son (“pseudonymous kid”) to his first day of school, and organising her dates with various men. OK, I admit it, it’s full of sex. She’s in an open marriage and you know, the anonymity, the sex and the nitty gritty details of writing last minute abstracts and preparing teaching and, well, it’s blog nirvana for a young freshly-tenured lass like me.

She has a great blogroll of academic blogs that, well, also aren’t plain vanilla academic.

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  1. bitchphd

    Thanks! I’m really flattered.

  2. Helen Thorington

    Thought of you when reading the following:
    about the NOEMA conference in Barcelona in January

    Best wishes, Helen Thorington

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