Michael Abbott, of The Brainy Gamer, is preparing to teach a course on RPGs and has posted a wonderfully comprehensive bibliography of books and journal articles that are related to online and offline role-playing games – everything from Lord of the Rings to T.L. Taylor and beyond. A book I hadn’t heard of and wish I could have read before writing my chapter for our World of Warcraft Reader (which is about rhetorical moves in quests in the game) is Jeff Howard’s Quests : Design, theory, and history in games and narratives. Well, I couldn’t have read it, because it only just came out this February – though if I hadn’t been so caught up in pregnancy-mind at the time I might have noticed the note of it on Grand Text Auto. If you’re doing work on role-playing games of any kind, or planning to teach a course of your own, this is a great resource.

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  1. Michael Abbott

    Hi Jill. Thanks for linking to my RPG bibliography. I’m very glad you found it useful. I’m using your WOW anthology for my course, and I look forward to getting my hands on your new book on blogging. You’ve been quite busy! 🙂

    Congratulations, also, on your new baby. My wife and I have a 7-month-old girl and since I’m a proud papa: http://www.brainygamer.com/the_brainy_gamer/2007/11/meet-the-newest.html

    All best to you and your family.

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