Molly and Liz have stopped blogging for money, saying that it messed up their entire relationship with their blogs as their personal spaces. This is closely related to Torill’s points when the blog sponsorship deals were first announced. I wonder whether Kottke will find that happens with his new blog-for-a-living decision?

3 thoughts on “being paid spoils it?

  1. Liz Lawley

    All in all, I’m glad I gave it a try. I learned a lot about my relationship to my blog, and about the way other people perceive it.

    And, I’m not ashamed to add, the $2400 came at a time that we really needed it, and too often my blog takes away from what my family needs rather than adding to it.

    I do think some of Torill’s criticisms are on target. I wouldn’t have thought that until I’d tried it, though. 🙂

  2. Jill

    Oh Liz, I’d have done it too. Actually I’m still not sure whether I’d NOT do it, even after reading your and Molly’s comments. It’s definitely an interesting exploration.

  3. All things Bru

    Blog for money? No thanks.

    First of all I’m sorry for this burst of short conversation hints and stubs, but I have quite of a draft queue and want to get rid of it, but at the same time I’d really love to benefit from the conversation with you on all these topics, so I’m tryi…

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