She’d never start blogging, she told me a few months ago. Now she has: Geniwate or Jenny Weight blogs with deep scepticism of honesty:

As if I’m going to treat my blog as a dear , when you, of all people, can read it. No, I’m going to construct a persona that will reside here; I’m going to make assumptions about my narratee (regardless of whether you actually exist) and thus I have turned the blog environment into a space for fiction; at best, ficto-critical writing. (April 6)

Jenny’s blog is called I must be lonely, she declares that she used to think bloggers were “self-indulgent wankers”, she lives in Melbourne and is a writer. Uh oh, perhaps that was too much honesty?

4 thoughts on “as if

  1. Elin

    kor e’ linken, da…… til Jenny’s blog?

  2. Ole

    Der er ikke s mange, der kalder sig Geniwate, s det var ikke svÊrt at finde den

  3. Eliza

    Why do you think it was to much honesty?

  4. Jill

    Oops! Thanks for the URL, Ole! I post-edited the post (that sounds strange) and stuck it in.

    And Eliza, huh? Cool to see you’ve started reading blogs!

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